Oxygen collaborated with Sublime Boudoir to bring their immersive burlesque and circus theater event to New York for one weekend only. For two sold out shows, guests explored the halls of Alder Manor in their finest vintage attire to discover artistic performances and sensory pleasures within the luxuriously vintage Victorian wonderland.

Managing sound and lighting for the interactive performance that traveled all around the Renaissance Revival style manor, we cued a seamless show from the lobby to the old parlor rooms.

In the outside courtyard, we built a 400′ truss greenhouse, holding not only lights and audio fixtures, but also aerial acts. Moving up the three-story staircase into the indoor tiled pool room, we ensured the atmosphere pulled guests deeper into the gothic creation.

Following the show deep into the basement, guests discovered an alluring cabaret performer merging from a hazy truss cocoon.

As guests danced the night away with the electrified bygone era tunes of London based DJ duo The Roustabouts, we ensured there was not a bum left sitting within the mansion!