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Welcome to our realm of boundless creativity and precision! At Oxygen Eventworks, our Design and Fabrication Services redefine the possibilities of customization, bringing your visions to life with unparalleled craftsmanship.


Immerse yourself in a bespoke design tailored to your every need. Our team crafts personalized solutions for projects of all sizes, constructing logos, names, or intricate graphics for events and businesses. Offering conceptualization and design of large-scale fabricated branding opportunities, top-of-the-line lighting, video, and audio gear, enhancements like laser-engraved menus and invitations, and all the finishing touches for a perfectly polished event – we bring your ideas to life.

Design Elements Include:
  • Branding: 3D Large Logos, Letters, & Numbers
  • Event Signage & Scenic Flats & Decor (Including Lightbox, Hedge Wall, and Stage Signage)
  • Instagrammable Moments & Experiential Activations
  • Dimensional Stage Backdrops
  • Laser Cut / Engraved Items (Invitations, Menus, Centerpieces, Awards, Programs, & Plaques)
  • LED Light Boxes (Towers & Lamps)
  • Step and Repeats
  • Large Scale Art Installations & Sculptures
  • Custom Retail Displays
  • Scenic Decor
  • Promotional Items & Gifting

Step into a workshop of innovation and uniqueness. We are dedicated to crafting the perfect personalized masterpieces for our creative clientele. Specializing in Laser Cutting/Engraving & CNC Routing, our advanced machines skillfully process a wide array of materials and thicknesses, ensuring each creation is truly one of a kind.


Embark on a seamless journey from concept to reality with our full-service approach. Beyond design and fabrication, we handle installations, deliveries, and disposal providing end-to-end solutions that enhance any scenic environment. Save time and money while ensuring high-quality installations.

Experience the synergy of design, fabrication, and installation – where imagination knows no bounds, and each creation is a testament to excellence.