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Setting the Right Mood

Lighting is transformative by nature. In the right person’s hands lighting for events can convert a drab lifeless area into a bright oasis of color and liveliness. Lighting is not only about illuminating a room or reflecting a desired mood but about creating the energy and pulse of an event much as music can do. This is the Oxygen Event Lighting Philosophy.

See how we transformed these corporate and entertainment events.

Having an arsenal of new, sleek, state of the art gear is one of the most important features that sets Oxygen apart from the competition. We primarily use GLP, Martin Professional and Chauvet Professional for our gear needs. GLP (German Light Products) is considered the pioneer in LED intelligent light systems and are known for their reliability and performance around the world. Martin Professional fixtures have been the backbone of the lighting industry for the past 20 years appearing in nightclubs, arenas and broadway shows. The Chauvet Professional line of lights has burst into the market more recently, giving unmatched quality of unbeatable value.

Depending on the constraints of your venue the Oxygen team will work with you to create exactly the right support structures for your event’s lighting. Whether they are hung from structural architecture, or supported in the ground Oxygen systems are elegant and above all safe. Depending on the look of the event the structures can be camouflaged to blend into the environment or stand out as a modern artistic structure. Oxygen also offers custom gobos for events, providing a truly unique method of highlighting your brand seamlessly. With our lighting, your event will set a new bar in New York City.

From a small boutique event in a non-traditional space to a large concert, Oxygen can provide event power distribution and generation.

Sampling of Techniques That We Employ

For corporate events:
  • Wireless LED uplighting
  • Feature products
  • Step and repeats
  • Wireless table pinspotting
  • Soft break-ups on ceiling
  • Vivid tones on walls
  • Textural Relief lighting
  • Custom gobos
  • Light podiums and catwalks
For entertainment events:
  • Moving lights
  • Effect lighting – Strobes and blinders
  • Giant discoballs
  • Lasers
  • Atmospheric effects – haze and low-lying fog

Rental Service

We provide video, audio, and event lighting rentals in New York City. The rental gear is always reliable and can be a more economical solution. Technical consultants are available 24 hours a day. Please contact us for inquiries.


You can come by the Oxygen shop conveniently located in Long Island City, just minutes away from the 59th Street bridge. Appointments required.


Oxygen can deliver the equipment to your venue.