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Dance Parties

If you’ve ever been to a dance party in New York City in the past four years you are sure to have seen the Oxygen logo. From Cityfox and SHADE to DAYBREAKER, Oxygen has been producing jaw-dropping lightshows, spectacular video displays and unparalleled sound for dance parties throughout New York City. DJs such as Sasha, Dixon, Adriatique and Danny Tenaglia amongst many others have all been impressed by the world-class show Oxygen puts on in the wildest of locations.

Oxygen comes in and does it all: the sound, the lighting, the video, the staging, the power distribution, etc. leaving the party promoter free to handle all the other elements in putting a dance together. Whether the party is in an abandoned cathedral or warehouse, we make it work to create a party everyone is talking about for weeks to come.


At Oxygen, we always pride ourselves on having the best gear in town and feel that it is one of our competitive advantages. However, when it comes to concerts our big advantage is having a team of award-winning technicians many with over 20 years of experience putting on large and small scale shows. These technicians can set up impeccable light and sound for a single pianist performance to a rock concert. This is what sets us apart as a concert production company in New York City, and it’s how we’ll make sure your concert is an entertainment event to remember.

Many sound companies are experienced with recorded music and lack the experience to deal with live music with all the challenges that this type of performance can bring. This is especially important for events where live music will be but one element of an event. When live music is an element of the moving parts of an event, it is important to work with a company like Oxygen who can switch on a dime from a musical performance to a speech to a DJ.

Being able to coordinate the sound, lighting and video by using one company is one reason that Oxygen is a trusted concert production company in New York City.


Whether we are working with seasoned event planners or do-it-yourselves brides & grooms & parents, the Oxygen creative technical team is there to listen to your ideas, taking into consideration your restrictions in budget or infrastructure, and then we present options within your price range.

Oxygen is well-known for creating amazing transformations especially in unconventional spaces. Not only do we handle all the event lighting, sound, video and atmospherics but we provide the power distribution and generation to make it all work. From a wedding reception in a boat yard to a bar mitzvah in an aircraft hangar, we relish the opportunity to give your unique location the Oxygen touch that will leave your guests in complete wonder.

Details matter on these important days so we bring in the best and latest sound, lighting, video and staging equipment which we meticulously maintain from a technical and aesthetic perspective. This runs contrary to many social event DJs who offer to bring in sound and lighting equipment which is often outdated and in poor condition. Unfortunately, this is often discovered at the celebration when it is too late.

Elegant ballroom lighting with custom signature gobos, full dance party sound and lighting and projections or seamless flatscreens are just some of the features that Oxygen can bring to make your celebration memorable.


Our experience with clubs, lounges, restaurants and bars has gone from building a new club from scratch to modernizing an outdated system. Oxygen is prepared to install a custom rig that is flexible and can be programmed to suit the mood of any crowd. Our creative technical team listens to your ideas, taking into consideration your restrictions in budget or infrastructure, and then we present options within your price range. Integral to the design process, our custom-designed rigs can be fully mocked up in 3-D so that you can see a photorealistic demonstration of what the new rig will look like before it is installed. Once the new lighting setup is installed, our award-winning technicians are available for operation, instruction and maintenance 24 hours a day.

Other club, lounge and bar applications include: re-programming the lighting board, reinforcing your sound system for specific events, renting out specialized equipment for one night, board operators, maintaining fixtures, etc.