About Oxygen Miami

Our progression to Miami felt natural following 10+ years of creating vibrant sound and lighting experiences across New York City. Miami’s rich history of event culture along with high client demand pushed us to invest in a permanent Miami office. We pair our vast experience with the quality of events Miami produces to create world-class event experiences.

Different from all of the major event production houses, we still keep a foot in the NYC dance party world. Besides keeping us young and hip (ha!), dance parties allow our design team to innovate and be creative. Large scale dance parties become our lab to test new techniques and equipment to be used later in corporate applications.

We work with the most exclusive dance parties in the city whose attendees are the influencers working in fashion, publishing, advertising, luxury, etc. Learning to cater to this crowd, is one of the things that our clients love most about us. We not only bring technical expertise to the table but ideas to captivate these influencers.

Over the past 10 years, we have grown our team to include the finest lighting, sound and video technicians and engineers in the City. With many of the team having over 20 years of experience, we are known for our technical precision and meticulous presentation. Our working process can include 3D renderings and CAD drawings created by our in-house technical team.

Oxygen believes strongly in using only the best gear from our D&B Audiotechnik sound system (U2 and Coldplay only tour with D&B) to top HD projectors from Panasonic and Barco to lighting from GLP (German Light Products), Martin Professional and Varilite.

Oxygen is well-known for creating amazing transformations especially in unconventional spaces. From the top of the Empire State Building to an old abandoned cathedral, but we’ve also been known to do a mean transformation of a conference room! And, not only do we handle all the event atmospherics but we provide the power distribution and generation to make it all work.

Our specialty over the past 5 years has been 360 integration: the art of bringing video, lighting and audio together seamlessly.

A true full sensory technical experience.

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