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Going Hybrid? Here’s How to Stream Your Live Event.

More and more events, from tech conferences to festivals to product launches, are going hybrid in light of the last year.

Instead of bringing hundreds or thousands of people to one physical place, event producers and planners are offering both online and offline options and keeping all attendees connected through a remote experience.

Although it is ideal to bring clients together with live interactive showcases (these we know so well), you can take these new measures to keep your community active and engaged!

Should I Go Hybrid?

Whether your event is designed for 20 attendees or 10,000, a hybrid video broadcast may be a great option (for more reasons than you’d think!). Live streaming helps attendees feel they are “in the know” should they not be able to make the physical event, while allowing brands to keep their products top of mind.

Live streaming creates:

  • An event showcase and images/experiences you’ll be able to use for future events/advertising
  • The ability to extend projected event reach
  • Additional experience tailoring with numerous technology enhancements and features that can heighten the cast

Let Us Help You Orchestrate!

Let Oxygen help you figure out how to host the stream, graphics to use on live screens, and even intermittent music between breaks. We’ve got you covered with:

  1. Camera gear and streaming distribution
  2. Riser, tripod, and staging (if required)
  3. Host streaming services
  4. Graphic, title, and slide design and execution
  5. Video and content creation
  6. Music and playlist curation
  7. General creative direction

Get in touch with us to discuss your hybrid streaming production!