Concert Production

Oxygen Eventworks is proud to offer the best concert equipment in New York City. We feel that this is what sets us apart as one of the best concert production companies out there. The thing that really sets us apart from the rest, though, is our world-class technicians. With decades of experience between them, our professional technicians can quickly set up everything you need to put on an unforgettable event. We can provide all of your backline needs, and also supply all DJ riders for your concert. We’re the best solution for concert production in NYC. Whether it’s a single-person performance or a large concert, you’re in good hands with the professionals at Oxygen Eventworks.

Our technicians have experience with both recorded and live music, so they’re familiar with a host of different challenges. At concerts or other musical events where live music is only one portion of the event, this versatility is significantly important. When live music is only one part of your event, it’s beyond important to have a concert production team that can instantly switch between acts without a hitch. This is just one of the many reasons why Oxygen Eventworks is unbelievably proud of our technicians.

360 Integration

360 Integration

The art of blending together lighting, staging, audio, and video production is Oxygen’s premiere strength. We act as both conductor and orchestra making sure that all the different notes work together to create one cohesive extra-sensory experience for our client and their guests.

The Oxygen Experience begins weeks and even months in advance with extensive pre-production work. Listening to the client and reviewing briefs, we work together to come up with the right gear to create the desired effects. If you want to create a look or sound but you don’t know how to do it…Oxygen can figure out the solution. We also liaise on the client’s behalf with fabricators, caterers, decor specialists, etc. to coordinate full event production schedules and power needs.

Here are some case studies for examples of Oxygen’s 360 Integration at work…

To help our clients visualize where we plan to place our gear and the effect they will create, we provide 3-D renderings and CAD files in addition to walk-throughs and testing as required.

While Oxygen has invested in the latest technology that can assist in bringing together lighting, audio, and video production into simultaneous cues that can easily be executed during live events, we also strongly believe in good old-fashioned meetings between our Technical Directors and our Video, Lighting and Audio Engineers.

Most with 10-20 years of live event experience, our Team meticulously lays out all the different components of each of their métiers and figures out how to optimally overlay the different technologies during a live show. Plus, they troubleshoot, discuss back-up options and create redundancies to make sure that all scenarios are explored prior to event day. When Oxygen does full event production, we make certain that everything goes off without a hitch.

The results: flawless 360 integration.

Social Event Production

Oxygen Eventworks has experience working with all kinds of clients for social event production in New York City, from DIY wedding planners all the way to professional event planners. Our creative event production team listens to your thoughts and ideas, considers your budget restrictions, and plans around your infrastructure. After all that, we’ll present you with an event production plan within your price range.

We’re renowned for transforming unique and unconventional locations into wonderful and unforgettable event spaces. We handle everything, including event audio, lighting, video, and atmosphere. We even construct the power generation and distribution to make it all run perfectly. From a bar mitzvah in an aircraft hangar to a wedding at a boat yard, we’ll leap at the opportunity to use your unique location and leave your guests in shock and awe.

When it comes to what we do, Oxygen Eventworks is proud to say that we offer a wide variety of services to make sure that your event is one that will never be forgotten. We offer everything from DJ equipment to LED/LCD wall panels!

A Sampling of What We Offer

  • Wireless LED Uplighting
  • Vivid Tones on Walls
  • Audio Consoles
  • DJ Equipment
  • High Powered Projectors
  • LED/LCD Screens

On top of everything, we also have the skilled team required to operate all the event equipment. Our skilled team is one of the best in the industry. Decades of experience make our technicians stand out and shine against the competition. Your event is in excellent hands with the Oxygen Eventworks technicians.

We recognize that the details of your social event are important, so we make sure to bring only the best event audio, lighting, and video equipment. We methodically maintain everything for performance and appearance. When you choose Oxygen Eventworks, you don’t have to worry about out-of-date, rugged equipment. There are no horror stories here, only great successes.

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