Ultrasonic Beam Projector

Oxygen is leading the evolution in audio technology with our exclusive Ultrasonic Beam Projector. Transform the consumer experience by tailoring sound to a specific area, leaving the rest of the vicinity in silence.

Like the name suggests, the Audio Spotlight is a directional sound system that produces high quality, controlled sound, targeted to a designated area like a beam of light. This allows for a distinct consumer experience, where the intended person, or people, can be solely engrossed in sound, in a room that is otherwise quiet. The beauty of the Audio Spotlight is that it’s adjustable and can be seamlessly positioned to subtly blend in anywhere for maximum impact.


  • Creates an intimate, personalized feel for memorable consumer and social experiences.
  • Perfect for galleries, art installs, brand activations and product launches.
  • Easy to set up and lightweight.

Tech Specs:

  • Standard input channel.
  • On-board playback via microSD and IR remote control.
  • Built-in amplifier/processor and advanced audio processing algorithms.
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