As an event planner, whether new or a veteran, it can be tricky to find effective audio visual gear when dealing with budgetary constraints. We’ve accumulated the most cost efficient, yet highly impactful equipment to make your event POP!


The beauty of the pinspot is it is convenient, yet impactful. They are wireless and magnetic, allowing them to be put almost anywhere with ease – simplicity without the hassle of messy cables or locating a power source. The 19 ounce weight and tiny 8.5” x 1.5” size, adds to the effortless nature of them. Pinspots can run for 14 hours at full intensity, are dimmable and can be angled to highlight a feature with great precision.

2.LED Glow Balls

A relatively new piece to the Oxygen inventory, LED glow balls are a must have for the summer season! LED glow balls are waterproof and can be individually manipulated to change color on demand. Ranging from 1-3’ they are the perfect way to add a pop of color to a pool party or outdoor event. Ready to get your glow on?

3.Pixel Tubes

An Oxygen all time favorite is the pixel tube. At 40” long, these tubes are wireless, battery operated and can stay illuminated for up to 12 hours. They have an awesome 180 degree viewing angle and are conveniently remote control operated. They are super light, making it seamless to suspend them from the ceiling, attach them to walls or furniture, and place inside translucent objects (how about that lonely bar?). The colour variety is vast, allowing for mixed RGB colors, with the ability to be separated and managed into 8 pixels.

4.Powered Speaker

This classic speaker is powerful, portable and versatile. It guarantees you the most bang for your buck! A loud, encapsulating sound is what it provides, making it ideal as a small PA or stage monitor. This economical loudspeaker allows sound to be tuned, to accentuate a speaker’s voice or add depth to any bass. The standard 35mm pole can be adjusted to direct sound anywhere in the space. Cables can be neatly tucked and hid with some simple black duvetyne to complete the look.


You can’t go wrong with an uplight. Wireless, battery-operated with RGBAW+UV AND customized colour options. Uplights allow for multiple wireless triggering and control options and have a built in shield to prevent light spillage. Seamless fading, white enclosure boxes (for that all white space!) and the minimal size and weight are all features of the uplight which make it so appealing. Great for highlighting spatial features and distinct architecture, adding the wow factor to any venue and event. If you’re looking for the most simple yet effective way to add attractive light to a space, you can’t go past an uplight.