An ULTIMATE highlight of 2018 (literally one large, impressive high-light, standing over 25′ tall) was our end of year collaboration with PUBLIC Hotels…

Not only did we have the great pleasure of collaborating and producing with PUBLIC Hotels and Ian Schrager again, but we were able to bring more light upon the holiday season and create a new winter experience for New York City…

The new idea:
It all started with one simple image that sparked Ian Schager’s desire to have this 25′ glowing, neon tree outside his Lower East Side hotel…

The PUBLIC Hotels team presented this to us in early December and in true Oxygen style we spun all of our creative wheels to get this project moving (and quickly!), bringing the ‘PUBLIC Christmas Tree’ dream to life in a matter of weeks.

The new technology:
It took over 400 Waterproof LED Astera Sphere’s all with AX3 light drops controlled inside to achieve this effect. The sphere’s ranged in size from 8″ to 40″ and the bright, illuminated balls were a mix of neon greens, blues, reds, yellows and pinks.

The new technique:
Every sphere was individually attached and sewn into the mesh that blanketed the sturdy truss frame and system. Each a crucial piece to the magic puzzle we erected; and in just two days we transformed PUBLIC’s Chrystie Garden into a mountain of captivating color.

The result:
A new experience for New York City!